No Fake Trees!

Nothing Says Christmas More Than Real Christmas Trees

25 to 30 million trees are sold in North America every year and the National Christmas Tree Association points out that real Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable resource and that 85% of artificial trees are manufactured in China.  The fake trees often contain non-biodegradable plastics, typically PVC (a possible source of hazardous lead,) and in the factories where they’re made “migrant workers, most earning about $100 a month, squat in front of hissing machinery as they melt chips into moildable plastic…” (Washington Post.)

Although real Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada, part of what makes Vermont Christmas trees special is our beautiful open lands, as well as the care and pride our Christmas tree farmers take in growing the best real Christmas trees they can.

On average, it takes about seven years to grow a six foot Christmas tree, but the growing season in Northern New England is shorter and can take up to fifteen years to grow our Vermont Christmas trees.  The Balsam Fir Christmas tree and the Fraser Fir Christmas tree are very popular.  Many family traditions have developed around the Christmas tree and the Bishop Farm hopes you’ll consider making a real Christmas tree part of your family tradition.

The 10 Biggest Myths About Christmas Trees

People have been told some crazy things about real Christmas trees over the years and many of the myths can be traced back to the fake Christmas tree industry, so the National Christmas Tree Association has launched their “Great De-Myth-ification Campaign” in which they have debunked the 10 Biggest Myths About Christmas Trees.

MYTH #1: Real Christmas Trees are cut down from forests.
MYTH #2: You save a tree by using a fake tree.
MYTH #3: Real Christmas Trees aggravate allergies.
MYTH #4: It’s better to use a fake tree because you can re-use it each year.
MYTH #5: Christmas Trees are a fire safety hazard and frequently catch on fire.
MYTH #6: Real Trees cost too much.
MYTH #7: Fake trees are fireproof.
MYTH #8: Real Christmas Trees have pesticides and chemicals on them.
MYTH #9: Real Christmas Trees end up in landfills.
MYTH #10: Real Christmas Trees are a hassle and a mess.

Visit the National Christmas Tree Association web site to read the debunking of each myth.

Vermont Christmas trees are of the highest quality, and that’s no myth!

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